Premier Control Kit

Elegante y de la más alta calidad, con 3 velocidades, encendido / apagado y función de luz. Rango operativo de RF de 10 metros. Incluye sistema de enchufe de conexión rápida para una fácil instalación. * Nota: Los interruptores de frecuencia incluyen 4 configuraciones de interruptor que ofrece 16 combinaciones de diferentes frecuencias.

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NOMBRE Premier Remote Control Kit
How Does Ripple Control Affect LED Lights?

A flickering LED light is the most common complaint arising from ripple control, which is generated when usually but not only when the light is dimmed and the ripple control frequency is in the line, usually between 300Hz and 1300Hz. The Flickr is often, but not always, intermittent depending on when the ripple control signals are being transmitted. It is normally at certain times i.e. 6 pm and then again at 8:30 pm and will only last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and when the power company stops sending the signal the flicker stops. People often notice it most acutely in the night when off-peak hot water systems are turned on. ALL brands of LED drivers are affected by these ripple control signals.

Why Doesn’t Martec have Ripple Control Filters in their LED Drivers?

Ripple control is not the norm and in many environments. While Martec does sympathise with the few customers who do experience a problem, it is not cost effective to build an Electronic Driver that rejects all ripple control frequencies given the small proportion of people affected, a cost that would have to ultimately be borne by all customers.

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